August enamel pin is here! Cherry Blossom is a lovely hard enamel pin with glittery hair and rose gold metal! Also, Hello Cutie is now in stock! Complete your collection! ♥

Five new patch designs featuring the most favorite Cutie Cuties! These embroidered patches are iron-on, and you can place them on any clothing item or bag!

I have also added, for the first time, originals! Shikishi boards, postcard sketches, and even Posca marker mini canvases! Have an original piece of art done with much love & cuteness.

Two new products that debuted this year at Otakon: boots & canvas sneakers, and now they’re available for ordering at the store! (These premium items are custom order only.)

And of course, lots of new stickers, prints & other accessories! Be surrounded by cute! ♥

♥ Victoria

♥ Ready for adventure! ♥ July 2019

★ Ready for adventure! ★ NEW JULY COLLECTION! Backpacks, enamel pins, prints & stationery items!

The most requested restock is live! BACKPACKS are back in stock! Available in 7 designs, these gorgeous backpacks are premium quality, with padded back & straps, and custom made! These items are limited quantity, so don’t miss your chance! Also, lots of new stationery & accessory items!  

A new enamel pin is also available! Artist edition: Hello Cutie! A gorgeous rose gold pin with glitter and screenprinted details for extra cute! Order your pin between July 5th and July 19th, and receive a free sparkly sticker of the original design!


Stickers and pins are the best, aren’t they? Lots of new designs added: cuties, cats & #Blessed! Use code CUTIESUMMER for this special offer!

And don’t forget! By becoming a Patron you will instantly receive a 15% off coupon! Plus, you get to see all sneak peeks on everything I’m working, early comics, monthly signed postcards, and more! BECOME A PATRON!

♥ Victoria

♥ #Blessed Volume 1 Kickstarter is now live! ♥

You can help make this book a reality!

#Blessed is my online comic about romance, dating, deities and deathly prophecies, mixed in with comedy! (If you haven’t seen it yet, you can learn more about the comic on the LINE Webtoon app, or from their website at ( I wanna thank to all of the readers who have followed the series on LINE Webtoon for your constant support, and a warm welcome to all new readers who want to know more! 

I’ve been working on this comic for almost two years, and for so long I’ve wanted to have a tangible, book version of it. I am sure you’d like that as well, with all the extras that you can’t get online. This Kickstarter is meant to raise the money to get you the print edition for volume 1! So this is your chance to be a part of it! The book will be professionally reformatted and printed, and through Kickstarter we will be able to offer a bunch of awesome add-ons and stretch goals! Check it out! ♥ ♥ ♥

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