The Kickstarter campaign is now live!

Over 100 illustrations of my lovely Cute Cuties will be printed in this book, together with tutorials, step-by-step cover creation, how I design characters, and my merchandise!

★ +100 illustrations, some that I’ve never posted online!
★ Softcover with the chance to unlock HARDCOVER!
★ Title cover rainbow foil for extra sparkle ♥
★ Glossy interior pages for super saturated colors!

This campaign will run from October 1st to October 31st! It is all-or-nothing–if the goal isn’t met, no book will be printed! You will only be charged at the end of the campaign (in November) if we make the goal!

If we do make the goal, I have a lot of stretch goals planned–such as a coloring book, sketchbook, Witchtober book, free hardcover upgrade, free stickers & more! And you will be able to add-them-on directly on Kickstarter!

(My Patreons will also receive a free sticker with any pledge, just for being the loveliest!)

Thank you for supporting my work all this time, and please check out the campaign! I hope we can make this book a reality!


New girls, new merch! ♥

New Cuties are on the spotlight! Who’s your favorite? I’ve added new prints, tapestries, tote bags and stationery items to the store on this new update!

New! Stamp-shaped washi tape!

I’ve added a lot of paintings and sketches to the originals section!

Also, great news for sticker fans! Free shipping in the US for stickers is now available! (without tracking. Tracking is available at checkout as well!) Also, cheaper rates for international fans!

I’ve updated my Threadless shop, and you can find your favorite girls on print-on-demand t-shirts and facemasks, and a lot more accessories! (anyone wants a throw blanket?)

And finally, a SUPER discounted sale on my CMYKitty purse and coin bag! 50% off for a limited time!

And there’s still time to join the Patreon Cutie Mail Club and get July’s rewards!

♥ Victoria

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