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My name is M. Victoria Robado. I draw anything cute and colorful! I design characters, draw them in digital or traditional mediums. I write & draw comics. I make animations, customize toys & create lots of merchandise. I sell my merch online & on livestreams. My art can be found at some galleries and my merch at some stores. You can follow my newest art updates on Instagram & TikTok. I have my own Cutie Mail Club subscription box with new illustrations & enamel pins every month! I also organize my own Kickstarter campaigns to fund new projects & cute merch.

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M. Victoria Robado is an illustrator and comic creator of everything cute! 

Victoria's work explores themes of space and magic, sprinkled with neon colors for a in-your-face look, featuring strong and fashionable women. She also writes and draws online comics, her most recent work being #Blessed for Webtoon.


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