The SASSY KITTY line was born from the love of cats and puns! My first enamel pin designs were the very angry Negini, and the CMYKitty pin, combining the CMYK color wheel with kitties. The response to my designs has been amazing. ♥ Lots of people have been getting them online and at conventions, and even Gallery Nucleus and Insomnia Gallery, to name a few, have carried my pins! It’s a great feeling to see so many people loving something you create! All my life I’ve loved collecting cute merchandise, and I’ve always had wanted to make products with my own designs. After a year of hard work and a positive response to all the Sassy Kitty designs, I launched my first Kickstarter to fund the expansion of the line with the main goal of the CMYKitty purse!

The whole SASSY KITTY line includes enamel pins, patches, lanyards, stickers, car decals, bag tags, keychains, purses, tote bags, coinbags and t-shirts! Take a peek at the SASSY KITTY PINS store! Check out the CMYKitty Purse Kickstarter!


For wholesale order inquiries and other retailer questions about merchandise, contact me at